Human Resources


Your requests and recommendations are valuable for us. You may fill a form on the topic you are interested in. Within our human resources policies based on openness, equality and reliability principles, we pay attention to business-private lives balances of our employees, encourage them to take initiative, prioritize their carrier planning within the opportunities of the company. All our employees are rewarded over personal and company performance with yearly performance assessment and relevant bonus system. Religion, race and gender based discriminations are not welcomed under the roof of ESAS and we never ask classifying/discriminating questions to our candidates during recruitment process. We do believe that our differences expand our experiences and increase the opportunities we may provide to our customers.

Our employees are supported with in-house and external trainings and their knowledge and abilities are boosted. Experience, knowledge and abilities of all our team are quite higher than the industry; we take every necessary precaution to behave equal and fair to all our employees for their employments, trainings, promotions, awards and career advancements.