General Conditions



Vehicle Delivery Form documenting Rent a Car Agreement and features of the vehicle, rent price and term, fuel and potential damage situations should be mutually signed in order to legally establish Rent a Car process and deliver the vehicle to you.

We are informing our users on agreement responsibilities in detail both at ESAS Offices and on our website
We would kindly remind you to read General Rent and Delivery Terms on this page before realizing your Rent a Car transaction and contact our call center at +90 507 858 54 54, our offices and for detailed information. Hereby you agree that you shall be deemed agreeing upon content of Vehicle Delivery Form both at delivery and return even though it is not signed, you will cover expertise expenses if you have any objection to the Form, otherwise your objections shall not be taken into consideration

  • The vehicle is under your responsibility with its accessories and keys. You should drive rented vehicle in accordance with Highway Traffic Law dated 13.10.1983 and numbered 2918 and Traffic Rules numbered 26901 as long as rent agreement is applicable
  • It is your responsibility to drive the vehicle according to road, climate conditions and speed limit. You will be responsible of driving the vehicle outside its capacity and production goal, hitting on spots different than road level such as humps and holes, damages caused by driving on the land and sand and damages caused by water inlet to the engine or other parts of the vehicle. You should not drive the vehicle to compete, speed up, test endurance and speed of the vehicle and teach driving to somebody else.
  • Keep the vehicle under lock whenever you are not driving it. Make sure you are using right and appropriate fuel. Check oil levels and keep tires at the suitable levels.
  • You shall be responsible of any crime, parking ticket, fines, illegal OGS and HGS passes that may emerge later even though you have returned the vehicle. Moreover, you are liable of providing all information on yourself and additional driver if requested. You shall be the sole responsible if you don`t provide intact and accurate information.
  • You cannot sell the vehicle or any parts of it, rent or dispose it. You cannot lend the vehicle to anybody except the ones whose names are written in the agreement even if you are not charging. You cannot assign legal rights on vehicle to anybody and transfer your own rights.
  • Do not complete brake, clutch, gearbox oils or engine coolers liquid levels under any condition for your own safety. If any warning light flashes on dashboard or oil level drops, immediately contact us. 24 hours accessible phone number for emergency situations shall be provided to you by office responsible
  • If you notice any fault on the vehicle, please warn us. Please don`t let anybody without a written approval work on the vehicle.
  • You are supposed to bring the vehicle on agreed location within our work times. The vehicle shall be checked and received by our employees or responsible. If you cannot control the condition of the vehicle or we have agreed upon returning the vehicle outside our work times, you accept the check to be done by our employees or responsible in advance and you will be responsible of damages arising during control time. If you have any objection to this assessment, you may have an expert analysis at your expense
  • You shall be responsible of expenses required to return the vehicle to its original shape due to changes on it without our approval, damages that are not recorded during return of the vehicle and/or notified with missing document and damage amounts exceeding insurance warranties/warranty limit, damages on furniture, rims of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle should be used only by you, additional driver stated in the agreement or people permitted in written by us. The driver should definitely have a valid driving license.
  • You cannot drive the vehicle under effect of alcohol and/or drug. You cannot transport passenger over its capacity and drive beyond the borders of Turkey.
  • Please make sure you don`t leave any personal belonging in the vehicle before returning it. Unfortunately we don`t undertake responsibility for the personal belongings left at the vehicle.

The fees you are responsible are these:

  • Rent and one way, navigation, baby seat etc. stated on this website or vehicle delivery form,
  • Total of prices, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities caused by non-compliance to rules stated in responsibilities chapter,
  • You will receive the vehicle from our office at full tank. If you deliver fuel tank less than you have received; fuel price between the fuel level stated in vehicle delivery form and returned fuel level and additionally 25% service fee,
  • Court expenses arising from all pass fees (bridge, highway, ferry etc.), waiting damage, traffic fines, speed limit excess fines, parking or other traffic crimes (covering expenses arising from towing and/or tying the vehicle) and damages arising in case of seizure of the vehicle,
  • Pass fees, penalties we pay on behalf of you or emerging costs and TL 20 service fee per each transaction,
  • All damage repair fees paid after rent, not stated in Vehicle Delivery Form and recorded,
  • Repair value of damages caused by user fault, not covered by insurance and fees of days the vehicle is not rented due to damages not covered by insurance,(Shall be priced over standard daily rent price.)
  • Damages arising from seizure of the vehicle by security forces for any reason and fees of days the vehicle is not rented,
  • Fees arising due to delivery and receiving of the vehicle outside the borders of city the relevant office is located

Monthly 5% delay fee is applied if you don`t pay your debt on time and this ratio is corrected according to monthly loan interest ratios of Central Bank. VAT shall be added to the fees above stated


Upon signing Vehicle Delivery Form, you do accept out insurance terms. Unless otherwise is stated, insurance terms written in this information text shall be valid. If a separate insurance is applied, we will again share the scope of this insurance and relevant information on necessary terms on this platform.

The vehicle you are going to rent is under protection against hitting, crashing and theft attempts. Damages to be caused on third parties are also under protection within the limits of traffic insurance. There is no damage exemption within insurance terms we are applying. However, user shall be personally responsible of damages not duly recorded (accident report, alcohol report, documents of parties involved to accident etc.). Under no condition, damage repair is done with driver statement for damages not recorded.

For the insurances to be applied:

  • Accident should happen while one of the persons written in the vehicle agreement is driving the vehicle,
  • Driver should not be under effect of alcohol and/or drug while driving the vehicle,
  • If the vehicle is SINGLE SIDEDLY crashed or stolen, closest police or gendarmerie station should be consulted and accident, theft and alcohol reports should be taken,
  • Material Damage Accident Record minutes should be filled in DOUBLE SIDE accidents according to the occurrence of the accident, except the situations below stated,
    Only in situations below, traffic accident report minute should be filled by traffic police in case of double side accidents:
    • If the vehicle is driven without driving license,
    • If the driver is under age,
    • If the driver is suspected to have alcohol or mental problem,
    • If one of the vehicles crashed belongs to public offices,
    • If damage is caused on public office property,
    • If only 3rd party belongings are damaged in the traffic accident,
    • If one of the vehicles crashed doesn`t have traffic insurance,
    • If traffic accident caused death and/or physical injury
  • In case of THEFT, closest police or gendarmerie station should be consulted for "Theft Report" and keys and vehicle registration should be returned to ESAS.

Our users are responsible for any damage exceeding insurance warranty limits.
You may contact your rent office for more detailed information on insurances.


We will not share any information provided by you for this rent with 3rd parties for commercial purposes; we pay great attention to your personal confidentiality. You do accept that we may use information shared by you to take reservation, add you to our customer list, receive payment and research issues that may occur during your usage of the vehicle or after delivery in accordance with the terms stated in the rent agreement. We may also use this information for statistics and market research. If you act in violation of rent agreement terms, we may record this to apply when we need to give a decision about you in the future. We may share this information with loan assessment institutions, Police Station and Traffic Police, receivable institutions and other institutions that will decide whether accepting you as a customer based on your information and All Car Rent Institutions Associations (TOKKDER). You do accept that we may collect information from other institutions on your Rent a Car history to decide whether accepting you as a customer. You do accept that we will share your information and information of additional driver stated in this rent agreement with public offices and courts when requested.


If the rent prices are not paid on time, agreement shall be unilaterally terminated without any further notification and warning. In this case, the car should be immediately returned to ESAS Office. Hirer accepts committing misappropriation crime if he doesn`t return the vehicle. Unilaterally terminating agreement shall not prevent collecting our receivables arising from the agreement. If you have not performed major acts of the agreement, we may demand additional fees to collect damages, losses and income loss we are subjected to based on our rights arising from the agreement and the law.


You may cancel your rent transaction free of charge at the latest 6 hours before receiving the vehicle. If the vehicle is not delivered to you because cancellation is not made at the latest 6 hours before receiving the vehicle or rent terms are not respected, one (1) day rent fee of reserved vehicle shall not be reimbursed.
During high reservation seasons (15 June-15 September and holidays) free reservation cancellation shall expire 24 hours before rent and one (1) day rent fee shall not be reimbursed. You may call our reservation center at +90 507 858 54 54 for your reservation cancellations.