With cancellation guarantee for accommodation regarding the tour purchased, you may unconditionally and continually cancel your booking free of charge 72 hours prior to start date of your tour and accommodation. 

 A- Minimum 30% of booking price shall be paid at registration and the balance shall be paid maximum 14 days prior to start of tour. If you fail to pay such payments within the given time, the bookings made shall be cancelled and 30% of the price shall be billed to the traveler as forfeit.

 B- A traveler that purchase early booking reduced service shall be liable to pay total piece of service by the final registration date of early booking.

C- For special products and services, the balance shall be paid no later than 45 days prior to start of service. The forfeit is same as article I/A.


1-A- The agency may cancel or postpone the tour if the number of final registrations is not sufficient for required number of travelers that avoid starting or proceeding the tour although the agency used its best effort and/or adverse weather conditions, strike, terrorism, fog, war, possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues, and any force majeure circumstances. In this case, the traveler shall not be entitled to right to compensation.

2- A- If the traveler requests for cancelation 14 days before start of service, total amount paid shall be refunded to the traveler.

 B- If the traveler terminates the agreement 14 days prior to start of service, the traveler agrees and undertakes to pay the agency 30% of tour price, 75% of tour price in case of cancellation in less than 14 days, and total price in case of cancellation in less than 7 days. The change in dates made by the traveler shall be deemed cancellation.

C- If the service at reduced rate is cancelled/transferred, the traveler agrees and undertakes to pay the agency 30% of service price 7 days prior to start of services, and total amount of service price after 7 days.

D-Written submission of a medical report issued by a general hospital to certify illness or compelling condition of the traveler or their first degree relatives that hinder ordinary engagement of 10 days prior to start of services shall be exception of clauses of cancellation/transfer.

3- The traveler may transfer the tour to any person with a written notice to the agency exactly 7 days prior to start of tour. The transferee and the transferor shall be jointly liable for any costs that may arise out of balance and transfer.

 4- If the traveler fails to notify the agency in writing that traveler will join the tour they have missed the beginning part, the agency shall be entitled to cancel any bookings made on behalf of the traveler 24 hours after start of tour. In such cancellation, no money shall be refunded to the traveler.

5- If deemed necessary, the agency may wholly or partly cancel the declared or registered tours 14 days prior to start of tour with notice to the traveler. Within the same time, the agency may change the name of hotels, transportation vehicles and their departure location, and visit intervals of locations specified in the program and indicated as itinerary. When the traveler does not agree on such changes and cancellation, the traveler shall be entitled to cancellation of booking and money refund.  


1-A- The owner of the luggage shall be responsible for the content of luggage. The traveler shall comply with laws and practices to which accommodation facility that traveler stays is subject.

2-A- If the luggage is lost or heavily damaged due to gross negligence of the agency, if the traveler require agency to issue a loss or damage REPORT, ½ of the portion of total price of tour corresponding to transportation shall be paid to the owner of lost item by the agency regardless of tangible and intangible value of the items in the lost or damaged luggage and other qualities and properties of such items. The agency shall be liable for the loss, damage and stealing of an item that is declared and delivered to the agency by the traveler including their value in writing in proportion to tour price at most. 

3-A- The service purchased is exclusive of visa procedures and visa services.

4-A-The agency shall be liable for any circumstances other than force majeure that may occur after tour/transfer has started, circumstances attributable to traveler, and circumstances resulting from personal responsibilities of third parties.

 In case of circumstances within the responsibility of agency, the agency may indemnify the traveler for changes that are against the traveler as refund of price or service in accordance with provisions of TURSAB Kütahya Schedule, may compensate through additional and/or alternative arrangements that are not included in the price but provided to the traveler during tour. Use of additional or substitution services by the traveler shall eliminate the right to refund the price and right to compensate.

5-A- The traveler agrees that the guide, facility and transport vehicle officers shall comply with rules indicated in the service purchased; respect life, property and peace of third parties, otherwise traveler shall not be entitled to service and refund for valid reason.

6-A—If the traveler leaves the service claiming that service performed is defective, the traveler shall notify the agency representative and the hotel that traveler has left the tour with a letter including the reasons for leaving. Otherwise, the traveler shall not be deemed to have left the tour, and shall be deemed to have purchased and used the service.

7-A-The duty of care and cooperation of a traveler in good faith is to notify in writing the agency of anything that traveler complaints about during the performance of service.

8-A- If the traveler(s) that does not sign the agreement but joins the tour under the agreement, the traveler(s) assigned by such traveler to register on behalf of them shall be deemed to have read and undertaken this agreement.

B- The agency will reserve the right of recourse to collect the extra amount paid to traveler(s) that has signed this agreement, or the price of service

9-A- Pursuant to article 12 of Law No.1618, the traveler is secured by insurance if the packet tour is delivered incomplete or not delivered at all in case of purchasing a packet tour. The amount of coverage is equal to the price of packet tour.

10-A- For the performance of service under this agreement to the traveler or a person designated by the traveler, the traveler shall submit a written application within seven (7) days after this agreement is entered into force and deliver original copies of tour registration forms to the agency in order to be entitled to right of withdrawal. The service price shall be refunded to the traveler within 10 days after receiving such documents. If the original invoice is not submitted, the VAT and other legal obligations shall not be refunded.

11-A- If the agency fails to comply with the agreement in part of in whole, the provisions of TURSAB KUTAHYA SCHEDULE shall apply to calculation of compensation payable.

12-A-The traveler declares that traveler has read and electronically confirmed all the initial information on the qualities of the product/service subjecting to agreement, sales price, payment terms, and performance, and. I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED THIS AGREEMENT ISSUED ON BEHALF OF THOSE RECEIVING SERVICE, AND RECEIVED ONE COPY FROM ONLINE/TOUR AGENCY.